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Magic Grip Tool
Magic Grip Tool
Magic Grip Tool
Magic Grip Tool

Magic Grip Tool

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Uses: Removable nut screws of various shapes, square head screws. Bolt head. Remove the screws, rotate the hooks, and remove the grub screws. Remove the irregular screws and remove the broken faucet. Tighten the knob.
Use: Electric drill adapter. Professional-grade universal socket wrench set.
Material: chrome vanadium steel

High hardness chrome vanadium steel forging.
Overall heat treatment hardness, high torque, high toughness, long service life.

Honeycomb  Principle
Double hexagonal design, the hexagon in the middle and the hexagon of the tube side play the card position when the nut is stuck into the sleeve, forming the support point to eat the nut tighter, the middle gap is small and the fastening is not easy to slip.

☛ Self-adjusting to accommodate thousands of fasteners.
☛ Precision polished, durable and resistant to rust.

☛ It is compact and easy to carry.
☛ Automatic standards and metrics application.
☛ Each pillar can be independently exercised scientifically designed to be durable.

Has many uses
Can be used in the automotive industry, home maintenance, anufacturing,construction and other industries.